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Covenant College 


14049. Scenic. Highway. Lookout. Mountain. GA. 30 7 50 

The Tartan 
Covenant College 

Fall 2007 / Spring 2008 

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the 
kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of 
sins. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by 
him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, 
whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities— all things were created 
through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold 
together. And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the 
firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. 

i^5»*B * V 


m 7%- 

W- ^H 


W '■ 





For in him all the fullness of God 
was pleased to dwell, and through 
him to reconcile to himself all 
things, whether on earth or in 
heaven, making peace by the blood 
of his cross. And you, who once 
were alienated and hostile in 
mind, doing evil deeds, he has now 
reconciled in his body of flesh by 

his death, in order to present you 
holy and blameless and above 
reproach before him, if indeed you 
continue in the faith, stable and 
steadfast, not shifting from the 
hope of the gospel that you heard, 
which has been proclaimed in all 
creation under heaven. 


The Halls of Covenant 7 

Classes and Faculty 17 

Events and Dancing 29 

Drama and Music 53 

Sports Teams 69 

The Class Of 2008 97 

The Rest of the Rif Raf 115 


Ihus he 



ipnayou my s\ 
not) some 
el at Ions wen 
i was ti ue, b 
ifecl; therefore, 
e his brains, wi 
e to him as the 
m >>o, when trie 
rse ar I won. 
1 Tn,; also the 
li»o me titties the 
KtoBlcl q ti ite n e 
ptljy in the field 
: he was ( 




l| %vJk*JL « i 


,**.>■ ■n - r /, ^jh JjKt'i '^tH BK^' ^^H j HPvi^fllv^v' -*vxs ^^^H ^1 

L-Jv "A' 
rV*A J iffm 

1 1 

^VM£>Sm ^^ 

Dnu - li' v l u ^yl ^ 

"•■"" ';■>- '■ ' 



V % 



^T*g7 : 

_^ a , 

BL iH» w 




P ^ 

1 ^H 

y M 


133 :1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is 
when brothers dwell in unity! 

2 It is like the precious oil on the head, 
running down on the beard, 

on the beard of Aaron, 

running down on the collar of his robes! 

3 It is like the dew of Hermon, 
which falls on the mountains ofZion! 

For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, 
life for evermore. 


by fore 

PP^f, they Sn 
ppk him. Ti 

lift 1 I _ £ L£ — _ . _ 

§* to Dorsum 


HIS 214-1 Age of Europe, Dr. Richard R. Follett 



Itsf-r-U-,. i 

them of 
these things, 
and charge 
them before 
God not to 
quarrel about 
words, which 
does no good, 
but only ruins 
the hearers. 
Do your best 
to present 
yourself to 
God as one 
approved, a 
worker who 
has no need 
to be 

handling the 
word of truth. 
But avoid 
babble, for it 
will lead 
people into 
more and 


Dr. Raymond W. Clark 

Dr. Jeff Dryden 

Dr. Scott C. Jones 

Dr. Kelly M. Kapic 

Dr. Daniel W. MacDougall 

Dr. Kenneth J. Stewart 

Dr. Herbert D. Ward 

Dr. William C. Davis 

Dr. Joseph N. Partain 

Dr. Michael J. Rulon 

Dr. Phillip G. Wright 

Dr. Kevin J. Eames 


Dr. Niel B. Nielson 
Mr. Wallace Anderson 
Dr. Jeffrey B.Hall 

Ms. Kayb W. Carpenter 
Mr. Edward K. KeUogg 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Morton 

Mr. Rodney E. Miller 

Mr. Brad Voyles 

Dr. Jeanell W. Brown 

Dr. Brandon R. Kreuze 
Dr. Brian F. Crossman 
Mr. William L. Stern 


Dr. Clifford W. Foreman Dr. Gwen W. Macallister Dr. Richard R. Follett 

Dr. Paul K. Hesselink Dr. William C. Tate Dr. Jay D. Green 

Mrs. Sarah L. Huffines Dr. James A. Wildeman Dr. Alicia N. Jackson 


Ms. Diana Cochran 

Dr. Paul J. Morton 

Mr. Tom A. Neiles 

Dr. Patricia Ralston 

Dr. Sanford W. Shaw 

' *' * W*^W 

mm f / *> W 

z {*--#. V W 


|sv fj 

Dr. Antonio A. Chiareli 
Dr. James L. Drexler 
Dr. Daphne W. Haddad 
Mr. John Holberg 

Mr. Tad Mindeman 
Dr. John S. Muller 
Dr. Matthew S. Vos 
Dr. Bruce R. Young 

Dr. Jack E. Beckman 
Mrs. Rebecca J. Dodson 
Dr. PhiUip B. Horton 

Dr. Stephen R. 


Mrs. Rebecca E. 


Mrs. Donna Phillips 


Mr. Christopher H. Dodson 
Dr. Brian T. Fikkert 

Ms. Camille J. Hallstrom 
Dr. John M. Hunt 

Dr. Scott Quatro 
Dr. Russell P. Mask 

Mr. Stephen A. Corbett 

Dr. Douglas R. Sizemore 

Dr. Lance Wescher 

Sflm f'. [Jgr i§±- j 


Dr. Gary C. Raffaele 
Dr. Phillip R. Broussard 

Dr. Heunggi Park 
Dr. Donald N. Petcher 

Dr. Oliver L. Trimiew, Jr. 
Dr. Daniel R. Zuidema 

Dr. William D. Dennison 
Dr. Timothy D. Morris 
Dr. Richard W. Nelson 
Dr. Eric N. Wilson 


But the lesson of the martyrs is 
exactly this-that we must have 
confidence in God; and their 
universal appeal derives from 
their heroic example. The gospel 
exists to challenge the worldview 
of all... who do not see the joy 
and beauty of a life lived with 
confidence in a great and dynamic 
God who can and does intervene in 
the affairs of human beings. 

Without a commitment to the 
authority of the Word of God, a 
confidence in a God who acts in 
the world, and a conviction of the 
necessity of repentance and of a 
personal relationship with Jesus 
Christ, we will be hard-pressed as 
a communion to revive and advance 
our apostolic and missionary 
calling as a church. 

-Henry Luke Orombi 
Archbishop of Uganda 

\Z7 1 




1 1 ; 

! 1 ? 






^^^H ^^F .i ifll^l 




I ' 

x ^RtiSPl 




Day of Prayer 6:00 

4& ^ 

1 » fl 

I waited patiently for the Lord; He inclined to me and heard my cry. 

«& s 

*N ^ 



Mountain Affair 



*v. . 





Around Founders 


The Crater Arts Festival 


£ 'W^m -> 


tJl l 




^K f 

F £3 ^ ; 

\ f'\ 

1 <- ■-3P 
1 *" f fl 

B^ j t_ 

m ■** ~ i 

W - 1 

m ±"&>r 

a*" ^B 

^' ^B fe. 

f : SPI f\ 


L^m^L. * ^L\ 


3 41*3 



1 . ■ 







r * 




'' / ft 

O ' 


3*fcjp* WD ** 


5. ne 




Drama 8e Music 



"I have committed 
murder. I have 
committed passionless- 
motiveless-faultless- and 
clueless murder... and 
immaculate murder. 

I have killed. I 
have killed for 
the sake of 
danger and for 
the sake of 
And I'm alive." 

"Oh my 




he's got his 


man in 

"Five and twenty to 
eleven. A horrible 
hour, a macabre 
hour, for it is not 
only the hour of 
pleasure ended, it 
is the hour when 
pleasure has been 
found wanting" 






by Patrick Hamilton 
Directed by Amy Knutson 

Wyndham Brandon 
Charles Granillo 

Kenneth Raglan 
Leila Arden 
Sir Johnstone Kentley 
Mrs Debenham 
Rupert Cadell 

Max Belz 

Adam Carter 

Justin Johns 

Colby Wilkins 

Rachel Yellen 

Nathaniel Booth 

Kate Sarafolean 

Alex Miller 

A Bright Particular Star 

By Ron Reed 

Directed by Professor Camille Hallstrom. 

George MacDonald 
Lilia MacDonald 
Louisa MacDonald 
Charlie Granet De La Rue 
Octavia Hill 
Jenny Ward 
Greville MacDonald 
Mark Twain 
Charlotte Cushman 
Virenda Granet De La Rue 
Lewis Carroll 
Kate Terry 
Clarence Bicknell 

Bryan Mitchell 

Sarah Hamilton 

Hannah Smith 

Colby Wilkins 

Kelley Daniel 

Rachel Yellen 

Kevin Hartzell 

Wathanael Booth 

Krista Barnett 

Kate Sarafolean 

Justin Johns 

Amy Knutson 

Adam Carter 

Mainstream and Other One Acts 


is not 



it's about 


"I can't ever get better here. 

There isn't anyone to teach me. 

I've gone as far as experiment 

and self-help books can ever 

take me. And I could be really 

good, Jordan. I know I could. 

I could make a difference, 

somehow. I could be somebody" 

"But she's got something to say, 
I think, just like i had. And she hasn't said it 
yet. Maybe she can't right now. 
But someday, she'll be able to" 


"Do you like stories? 

There once was a girl whose house burned to the ground. 

She thought she had burned down too. But she hadn't." 

"Dude, juice box?" 

Tabitha Kapic 

Amy Knutson 

Emily Brown 

Adam Carter 

Libby Mallory 

Steph White 

Amy Sue Austin 

Angela Beall 

Sam Belz 

Janel Corbet 

Micah Hale 

Kevin Hartzell 

Lauren Hartzell 

Justin Johns 

Grace Lowrie 

Alysha McCullough 

Karin Olson 

Evelyn Petcher 

Kate Sarafolean 







r§&& • 


I . , \ 

•*»/ ^se* 




Guys & Dolls 


■ I ~ [I 

■ V 

v« • 




^P ^'9WI 


~"— " '•" T i 

' i 

1 l J. 


. U 



^ 1 mC 

\ v <J. 1 V 



■ ■i 

■5?y fcT mS. 







W4tmm I . .- 

it a. ^Vfl 

'& m m»«m-. 

h / 












f &\ 


Covenant Scots: Mens Soccer 15 - 5 - 1 (5 - 1 - 1) 


Covenant Women's Soccer Team 

10-6-3 (4-0-3) 

Head Coach: Mark Duble 
Assistant Coach: Gene Ezell 


Sarah Williams 
Margery Arnold 
Aubrey Brown 
Becky Galage 
Jaime Moss 
Elizabeth Oates 
Erica Mackie 
Jenny Carter 
Kalie Estrada 
Anna Lueck 
Anne Musick 
Amber Romero 
Rebecca Sasscer 
Lydia Jones 
Desiree Robinson 
Leigh Graham 
Hannah Stowe 
Amanda Vandersluis 
Lauren Bosworth 
Kyria Johnson 
Jen Politano 
Laura McCaleb 
Caitlin Ezell 
Joy Cain 
Karis Brauer 
Dani Nimmer 
Annette McKerihan 


Covenant Men's Basketball 


Dane Boykin 
James Cunningham 

Dan Nieison 
Wade Tapp 
Reed Crosson 

1 ^f 

Chris Hall 
Matt Gambrell 

-fry it« MJrrf-' 

David Kennedy 
Mitchell Klein 

Wr^jpSqp' *•**■« 

Dominique McGauhey 
Eric Owens 


Max Pink 

t 1 ^ 


Covenant Women's 

21 -8(14-4) 
Head Coach: Roy Heintz 

Adrienne Saxon 

Hope Knight 

Lyndee Biles 

Candace Lee 

Liz Martin 

Natalea Gulyas 

Brinkley Knowles 

Erika Forland 

Laura Grady 

Jen Paffenroth 


Women s 

13- 18(8 = 1 

Sarina den Dulk 

Tina Gorab 

Kate Hampson 

Val March 

Joanna McGill 

Anna Simonton 

Julianna Padilla 

Claudia Canales 
Amy Alkema 
Lara Berger 
Emily Dupree 
Shea McBee 
Leah LaPointe 

Head Coach: Heather Taylor 

Covenant Cross-Country Team 

Ike Barnett 
Nathan Beverly 
Stephen Bossom 
Enoch Elwell 
Kyle Frank 
Luke Irwin 
Matt Katzenberger 
Tucker MacDonald 
Zach McElrath 

Bryan Mitchell 
Cole Nickell 
Daniel Pick 
Thomas Prettyman 
Carter Whittier 

Kerri Aldridge 
Emily Cunningham 
Rachel Dahl 
Margaret Drew 
Melissa Dunn 
Diana Melcher 
Lucy Miller 
Heather Price 
Karis Smith 

Covenant Tennis 




' -m«€ , 

Philip Howlett 
Daniel Manget 
Adam Herberich 
Daniel Nielson 
Michael Grimm 
David Grusnick 
Joshua Jeremiah 
Robert Reid 
Brandon Snipes 

Mary Beth Morse 
Catie Ramage 
Annika Stolhandske 
Julia Myers 
Chelsey Schortmann 
Caroline Tait 
Michelle Whitbeck 
Lisa Wiltjer 


■v-;. :>,,.. : ; : : :_: : - . 

' \ * 


Covenant Men's Golf Team 

Michael Bowser 
Mike Dinwiddie 
Jason Furman 
David Larsen 
Trevor Potts 
David Spencer 
Dave Wilkinson 
Jon Wilkinson 

Coach: Tom Schreiner 
Assistant Coach: Tim Mahla 


Covenant Men's Baseball 

Doug Simons 

Tony Stevens 

Steve Corbett 

Aaron Caldwell 

Tom Norman 




-* £ 


IT 5 




I5^f §c ots4 ^OTjj 

4 lH Sb' 



0T UkC0Tfi; 

Caleb Abney 
Daniel Allison 
Robbie Bryant 
Will Carlton 
Colby Duckett 
Brian Figert 
Aaron Frederick 
John Frederick 
Luke Furuto 
Andre Glover 
Brandon Hagopian 

Robbie Hill 
Sam Hogan 
Seth Holley 
Stephen Kelley 
Scott Ketzner 
Jonathan Knight 
Mario Lewis 
Ben Loderhose 
Shane Ludwick 
Wesley McDowell 
Blaine Newton 

Thomas O'Ban 
Sean O'Halloran 
Ben Oliver 
Micah Reynolds 
James Roberts 
John Rogers 
Thomas Sanders 
Tanner Smith 
Michael Webb 
John Whitehead 
Craig Worland 
Cody Baxter 


Covenant Women's Softball Team 12 - 26 (8 - 8) 

Claire Settle OF 
Nicole Lanni OF 
Lindsey Potter C/3B 
Rebekah Marbury P/iB 
Kristen Walker 2B/OF/C 
LA Cloud OF/3B/DP 
Laura Moore P/IF/OF 
LeeAnn Moody P 
Laura Hutton OF 
Bre Rogers 1B/3B 
Lindsey Phillips OF 
Sarah Richards OF 
Gianna Graham OF 
Kim Cuticchia C/OF 
Kimi Peebles SS/OF 
Tianna Acousta OF 
Sarah Barrett OF 
Jennifer Head 3B/OF 
Lauren Johnston OF/iB 

Head Coach: Lisa Rogers 

Assistant: Amy Young 

Student Assistant: Brittany Thomas 





rt wa' 

Meredith Allison 

"I'm a poet" - Ryan Vroegendewey 
"I have a bad feeling about this." - Luke Skywalker 

Matt Annessi 

James 1:12 

Josh Austin 

Ross Barnard 

Jonathan Barnes 

"We are oft to blame in this ('tis too much proved) that 
with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er 
the devil himself." - William Shakespeare 

"Marvel not at the gold and the expense but at the 

craftsmanship of the work. Bright is the noble 

work, but, being nobly bright, the work should 

brighten the minds, so that they may travel, 

through the true lights, to the True Light where 

Christ is the true door. In what manner it be 

inherent in this world the golden door defines, the 

dull mind rises to truth through that which is 

material. And, in seeing this light, is resurrected 

from its former submersion." - Abbot Suger 

Noah Barnett 

Angela Beall 

"Laughter is the shortest distance between 
two people." - Victor Hugo 

Gretchen Becker 

"If it 



it is 




Emily Belz 

"I'm going 

for a run. 

Don't ask 

me how 

far or how 

fast. Just 

be there 

with me at 

the end." 

- Col Robert 


Nathan Beverly 

"No matter the situation, no matter the recognition, it is important 
to show Love. Not just to intend to show Love." - Hadrienne 

Kathleen Mendonsa 

Lyndee Biles 

"I take, Cross, thy shadow for my abiding 

place. I ask no other sunshine than the 

sunshine of His face. Content to let the 

world go by, to know no gain nor loss, my 

sinful self my only shame, my glory all the 

cross" - Elizabeth C. Clephane 

David Bordy 

Lauren Bosworth 


"An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." 

"Behold, I am coming quickly, 
bringing my reward with me, to 
repay everyone for what he has 
done. I am the Alpha and the 
Omega, the first and the last, 
the beginning and the end." 

Karis Brauer 

Lauren Bourque 

"When I'm thinking 
like a historian, I tend 
to be a little 
depressed. But when 
I'm thinking like a 
Christian, I tend to be 
- Mark Noll 
Heather Carrillo 

"...I am not my own, but belong with body 

and soul, both in life and in death, to my 

faithful Savior Jesus Christ..." 

- from the Heidelberg Catechism 

Mary Liz: "we are all gorgeous, but 

especially me. have you seen what I'm 

wearing?" Carolann: "A Fat Suit?? 

because that would be cool...." 

Mary Liz: "hahahaha Oh CA you slay me ! " 

Psalm 16:5-6 

"Take my will and make it Thine 

it shall be no longer mine. 

Take my heart it is Thine own 

it shall be Thy royal throne." 

mf £&ll 

Corinne Chapell 

Mary Hamilton Chestnut 

Cara Childers 

Hosea 6:1-3 

Betsy Codington 

Sadie Corbett 

Ashley Cloud 

Isaiah 54:7-8 

II Corinthians 12:9 

^ • m ^ 

rWj y±) 

Sarah Jane Creech 

Mallory Cowden 

"May those who 
love us, love us; 
and those who 
don't love us, I 

may God turn 
their hearts; £jjk** 
and if He doesn't 

turn their ggajff j 
hearts, may he ^ 
turn their 'tJ 
ankles so we'll 
know them by 
their limping." I 

James Cunningham 

Tim Davis 

"Brevity is the soul of wit,' but 
thorough written self-disclosure 
can be helpful. Concision and 
truest accuracy cannot be 
simultaneously achieved without 
the indwelling Holy Spirit. God 
has spoken truly in His Word." 

"Lord, send me anywhere, only go with me. 

Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. Sever 

any tie but the tie that binds me to thyself." 

- David Livingstone 

Jonathan Degenfelder 



makes the 






Ashley Edewaard 

Sarina denDulk 

Philippians 1:6 

Isaiah 58:11 

"Nothing in my hand I bring, 
Simply to thy Cross I cling; 
Naked, come to thee for dress; 
Helpless, look to thee for grace; 
Foul, I to the fountain fly; 
Wash me, Saviour, or I die." 
- Augustus Montague Toplady 

Jesse Dickinson & Jeremy McCaslin 

"The industrial 

k revolution to me is just 

like a story I know 
called 'The Puppy Who 
Lost his Way' The 
iah 58:11 world was changing 

and the puppy was ... 
getting ...bigger. 
So you see the puppy 
was like industry in 
that they were both lost 
in the woods. And 
nobody, especially the 
little boy - 'society' - 
knew where to find 
sthElwell trim- Except that the 

puppy was a dog, but 
the industry my 
and I bring, -that was a 

iqq t nii-nrf- revolution." 

BonnyBeth Elwell 

Charity Everett 


$L - : 



m 1 ""^*A^Sffi 

■ l i t J2^Bf 

■^■tf ■K.^Mjy^j** _^ 

n6»* **•*" 

^^" ^^•^^ bj *w 


Jenny Fearnow 

"Certainty is the mark of the common-sense 

life: Gracious uncertainty is the mark of the 

spiritual life. To be certain of God means that 

we are uncertain in all our ways, we do not 

know what a day may bring forth. This is 

generally said with a sigh of sadness; it should 

be rather an expression of breathless 

expectation. We are uncertain of the next 

step, but we are certain of God." 

- Oswald Chambers 

"I love people who make 

'■'*$ "When Christ 
1 shall come, 

with shout of 
; acclamation, 
I And take me 
I home, what 
| joy shall fill 
\ my heart. 
f Then I shall 

bow, in humble 
I adoration, 

And then 


'My God, 

how great 

Thou art!"' 

Haley Fike 

- Carl G. Boberg 

Psalm 25: 4,5 


Beverly Frame 

"Facing our own reality is painful, traumatic, 
and ultimately redemptive." - Devlin Donaldson 

EYE <v 

me laugh. I honestly 
think it's the thing I like 
most, to laugh." 
- Audrey Hepburn 

• ■**■■ 

J. te . 

Heather German 

Anne Gildernew 


Bethany Gates 

"And now," cried Max, 

"let the wild rumpus start!" 

- Where the Wild Things Are 

Sarah Haas 




Lori Hazlegrove 

Jessica High 

"The earth laughs in 


- E. E. Cummings 

1 Peter 1:8-9 

It's not a box! " - Antoinette Portis 

Stephanie Heaney 


Psalm 139: 9-10 

"God is most glorified in us when we are most 
satisfied in him." - John Piper 

Carla Rae Himebook 



Corrie Holton 

"The <Mm$* 

only *%f 

special ^ 

thing Jl 

about |fei 

me is *& 

Jonathan Jakes 

It may be 
rainin', but 
there's a 
rainbow above 
- The Eagles 



Erik Kotanchik 

Jessica Jelgerhuis 

"To be able to 

look back upon 

one's life with 

satisfaction is 

to have lived 


- Lord Acton 

1 "My Lord has 
called me to do 
it, and in his 

I accomplish. 

, - C.H.Spurgeon 

Amanda Krystaponis 

"History changes all the time. It 

is constantly being reexamined 

and reevaluated, otherwise how 

would we be able to keep 

historians occupied? We can't 

possibly allow people with their 

sort of minds to walk around 

with time on their hands." 

- Terry Pratchett 


you can't 
"fl^jKI* please 

sometimes you 
can't please 
anyone at all. 
Sew your 
MarkKa tzenberger he art onto 

your sleeve, 
and wait for 
the axe to fall." 
- Bill Mallonee 

* ' adventure is 
^ only an 


considered. An 
is only an 
- Gilbert K. 
Amy Knutson 

Madeline Lutz 

John Laaman 

Libby Mallory 

"Allow me to 
explain about the 
theatre business. 
The natural 
condition is one of 
obstacles on the 
road to imminent 
disaster. ... 
Strangely enough, 
it all turns out 
- Philip Henslowe 

"You are the 
light, with only 
one source - 
Jesus Christ. 
Reflect His light 
and the light will 
shine. One light 
lights another, 
lights another, 
lights another..." 

"What a joy it 
is to know 
that there 
will soon be a 
day when we 
will no longer 
ever, ever 
sin. When we 
will no longer 
choose evil, 
but always 
choose good." 
- my dad, 

"Sneaky, sneaky, like a fish" 

Annie Malone 

Katie Mastin 

Exodus 34:29-35 

Katherine Milton 

Amira Mikhail 

William Minich 

Christine Mitchell 

Katie Mitchell 

"Our God is a God 
of details." 
- Katherine 
Ladny Mitchell 

» I 

Joy Muether 

"The kingdom of God gathers 

up everything that is good 

and fulfills the good, 

cleanses the evil and goes 

beyond anything ever 

thought of or dreamed 

anywhere. This is the desire 

of the ages - if men only j 

knew it!" 

-E. Stanley Jones 

"I wonder who first discovered the 
efficacy of poetry in driving away 
love ! " "I have been used to consider 
poetry as the food of love," said 
Darcy. "Of a fine, stout, healthy 
love it may. Every thing nourishes 
what is strong already. But if it be 
only a slight, thin sort of 
inclination, I am convinced that one 
good sonnet will starve it entirely 
- Jane Austen 

Tim Muether 

"You're the man now, dog!" - Sean Connery 

"I believe in the sun even when it's not shining, 
I believe in love even when I don't feel anything, 
and I believe in God even when He is silent." 
- on the wall of a concentration camp 

Trey Nation 

Psalm 27:4 

Cole Nickell Julia Marshall Nickell 1 07 

Ecclesiastes 11:5 

Erik ODell 

Ruth Osondu 
Psalm 27:1 

"I searched for peace everywhere 
and could not find it anywhere 
except in a corner with a book" 

Psalm 139: 16 Libby ONeil 

Charlotte Okie "^ason discovered the struggle 
for existence and the law that I 
must throttle all those who 
stand in the way of the 
satisfaction of my desires. This 
is the deduction of reason. But 
loving one's fellow men reason 
could not discover because that 
is unreasonable." 
- Leo Tolstoy 

"Look what they make you give." 

Merlin Pierro 

JJ Pyche 

Darcee Pribyl 

Ryan Ramsey 

"Redemption comes 

in strange places, 

small spaces 

Calling out the best 

of who we are, 

And I want to add 

to the beauty, To 

tell a better story, 

I want to shine with 

the light That's 

burning up inside, 

This is grace, an 

invitation to be 


- Sara Groves 

Michelle Reeves 

"God whispers to us in our 
pleasures, speaks in our 
conscience, but shouts in our 
pains: it is His megaphone to rouse 
a deaf world." - C.S. Lewis 

"No antecedent beauty "Whoever said nothing is impossible never 

Susanna Reser 

enamors me in His 
eyes. I am lovable only 
because He loves me." 
- Brennan Maiming 

Isaiah 55:12 

tried to slam a revolving door" - Anon 

"Go, my 

beloved son, and do 

something worth 

doing." George 


Jenn Riley 

Michael Rhodes I Peter 2:17 

"God cannot give us a 
happiness and peace apart 
from Himself, because it is not 
there. There is no such thing." 
Bethany Rountree . c.S. Lewis 

David Richards 

Brandon Russell 

Rebecca Sasscer 

"But fellow monsters 

while we are still here, 

for one minute, think 

about this: there is 

someone right now who 

is looking to you, not 

Him, for whatever love 

still exists." 

- Franz Wright 

"Dr. Davis borrowed my pen, I 
plum-near freaked out." - Bailey Carter 

"Suppose we have only 

dreamed, or made up, all 

those things-trees and grass 

and sun and moon and stars 

and Asian himself. Suppose 

we have. Then all I can say is 

that, in that case, the 

made-up things seem a good 

deal more important than the 

real ones" - C.S. Lewis. 

From the silver chair 

Ashley Saturday 

Philippians 1: 20-21 

Elise Scarpetti 

Dorothy Seymour 

Psalm 138:8 

Amy Simmons 

"My Butt hurts.... 


- Rachel Hopson. 

2 Corinthians 5:20 

Abigail Sinclair 

Psalm 116:7-9 

Tim Sinclair 
James 1:2-4 

Hannah Smith 
"Go bowling with people." 
Adam Skrivan - Ryan Casselberry 

■ • « ■ « ' | iL 


_.„^ » \ > i 

Shawna Spano 

David Stair Beth Strickenburg 

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried." 
- G.K. Chesterton 1 1 1 

"Who loves not 
women, wine 
and song 
remains a fool 
his whole 
life long." 
- Martin Luther 

Romans 8:38-39 

Larry Swetman 

"I want to play the guitar very badly, and I 
DO play the guitar very badly." - Bono 

"It's when ordinary 

people rise above the 

expectations and seize 

the opportunity that 

milestones truly are 


- Mike Huckabee 

Christopher Taylor 

Psalm 62:5-6,8 

Wade Tapp 

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end 
of all our exploring will be to arrive where we 
started and know the place for the first time." 

- T.S. Eliot 

Elizabeth Tubergen 

Hebrews 10: 23 

Patrick Thibodeau 

"Bad news comes don't you 

worry even when it lands. 

Good news will work its way 

to all them plans" 

- Modest Mouse 

Gabi Van Schoyck 

Andrea Waldecker 

"Brace yourself and 
hold on tight, 
because the journey 
is hard, and doubt 
will come, even if it 
hasn't already. I 
don't know where 
you will land or 
Alec Waller what exactly you 
will do next, but I 
do know that you 
have come a long 
way." - Morty 

"I am a bow on 

your hands, 

Lord. Draw me, 

lest I rot. Do 

not overdraw 

me, Lord, I 

shall break. 

Overdraw me, 

Lord, and who 

cares if I 


- Nikos 

Katie Wert *~**«w- « °^^ 

"Hope is the thing with feathers 

That perches in the soul 

And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all" "What's he that 

Wilson Whitaker 

- Emily Dickinson 

Stephanie White 
"God has willed that we should seek and find His living 
Word in the witness of a brother, in the mouth of a 
man. Therefore, the Christian needs another Christian 
who speaks God's Word to him. He needs him again and 
again when he becomes discouraged, for alone, he 
cannot help himself without belying the truth that The 
Christ in his own heart is weaker than The Christ in 
the word of his brother; his own heart is uncertain, his 
brother's sure." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

"And some man live his 
life for profits alone. 
That very same man he 
lives his life all alone. 
And the road to life yes 
it goes up and down. 
Doesn't really matter 
as long as the music 
goes on." 
- Slightly Stoopid 

Jon Wilkinson 

wishes so? My cousin 

Westmoreland? No, 

my fair cousin; If we 

are mark'd to die, we 

are enow To do our 

country loss; and if to 

live, The fewer men, 

the greater share of 

honour. God's will! I 

pray thee, wish not 

one man more." 

- Henry V 

Devin Wilkins 

"When he smiled his 

smile was as the hunger 

of those who long after 

the unknown. It was like 

a dust of stars falling 

upon the eyelids of 

children... and then 

without need I knew his 


- Kahlil Gibran 

Hiryana Willis 

Heather Wilson 

"I am nothing, I am but an 

instrument, a tiny pencil in the 

hands of the Lord with which 

He writes what He likes. 

However imperfect we are, He 

writes beautifully." 

Lamentations 3:21-23 

"The cat will mew and dog will 
have his day." Hamlet 
Marcie Winslow - William Shakespeare 

Mother Theresa Kendra Wilson 

Hebrews 4: 14-16 

Grant Withington 

Philippians 4:6-7 

Kristen Wise 

1 ^ A 1 




il i - jH 1 —±- : * 

» rune? 1 WP A \ 

V " T*~~"^n«-" kit H^^K^I 

The Rest of the Rif Raf 

Peri A be In 

Caleb Abney 

Rose Acquavella Lindsey Adamson Maggie Ahrenholz Kerri Aldridge 

Addis Alemayehu Hannah Alexander Tiffany Alexander 

Joshua Alfred 

Andrew Alms 

Alex Amicy 

Hans Anderson 

Grace Andrews 

Amy Sue Austin Rebecca Austin Kathryn Baddorf Matthew Baddorf 

Zein Baluch 

Courtenay Barclay 

Steve Barker 

Laura Barnes 

Ike Barnett 

David Barr 

Joshua Barrett 

Sarah Barrett Evan Beauchamp Katherine Becker 

Amy Beers 

Sarah Bell 

Drew Belz 

Sam Belz 

Dan Bennet 

Lara Berger 

Alex Berhane Mary Katherine Biggs 

Tim Blumenstein Nathanael Booth Shayna Borland 

Karin Bosnia 

Michael Bowser 

Dane Boy kin 

Blake Bozarth Nathan Branom Corban Brauer 

Lauren Braun 

Elizabeth Brink 

Jenna Brock 

Annie Brown Audrey Brown Autumn Brown Ghia Brown 

Laurabeth Brown 

Matt Brown 

Sarah Brown 

David Buckner Justin Buffmeton Elizabeth Buikema 

Kin Burdette 

Ben Bursze 

Sheryee Butkowski Joy Cain 

Liz Cain 

Natalie Callahan Eric Callender 

Anna Cameron 

Claudia Canales Christina Canche Kirsten Capitano Abigail Carlson 

Will Carlton 

Anna Carnes 

J Adam Carter 

Jenny Carter Katie Casselberry Jonathan Cate Rebecca Chambers Andrew Chase 

Jessica Chen Rebekah Chewning Laura Childers Ashley Chinchen Emily Chovan 

Betsy Codington 

Philip Codington Hannah Cohen 

Lisa Coiner 

Melanie Coiner David Connis 

Lauren Conrad 

Janel Corbett 

Krista Corwin Sarah Cosgrove Jessica Counts 

Lisa Coward 

Cozz Cozzolino 

Kasey Craft Cherith Craig Debra Creditt 

David Creech 

Jessica Cruz Michele Cummings 

Kim Cuticchia 

Karin Da 

Kelley Daniel 

Ben Davidson 

Elise Davidson 


B*& *Ji *\m 

ItJJ^ ^i 

■» ^ ■ 

H^> ^ 1 

^eHH h 



v ; •& 





B ---^| ^■^■^H ■■""' ^ J 

Hunt Davidson Kate Davidson Megan Davis Nathan Davis Catherine De Felice Josh De Groot 

Britney Dehnert Clara Demaster David Despins Luisa Dibernardo Michael Dinwiddie Joe Dodd 

Sarah Dollar Josie Dopier Margaret Drew 

Julie Drexler 

Emilie Edwards 

Joshua Ehle 

Ned Ehle 

Dous Ehman 

Enoch Elwell 

Chris Elwood 

Ben Entwistle 

Jordan Euler 

Caitlin Ezell Bethany Faraone Drew Faulk Jessica Felty David Fesperman Alyssa Fikse 

Erika Forland John-Michael Forman Micah Francis Kyle Frank Kathryn Franklin Lauren Fritz 

Luke Furuto 

Katie Gardener Molly Gardner Haley Garis Jessica Gauley 

Eleanor Geerlings Liz Gibbons 

Kristina Gilliam Brian Gillikm 

Andre Glover 

Sarah Goddard 

Christina Gorab Leigh Graham Arrika Grandouiller Casey Gray Jason Greenlee 

Peter Griffis 

Michael Grimm Erin Grotenhuis Natalea Gulyas Caleb Gutierrez Emily Haas Brandon Hagopian 

Alora Hanev 

Katey Hanna Brynna Hansen 

Jill Harding Thomas Hardison Anna Hardy 

Jessie Harris James Harrison Kate Harrison Christina Hartwell Philip Hartwell Kevin Hartzell 

Lauren Hartzell Jordan Harwood Jonathan Hasty Micah Hausler Janine Haveman Jennifer Head 

Joellen Hege Christy Henninger David Henry 

David Hess W Barton Hesterberg Katelyn Hickey 

David Hilleke 

Sasha Hillis 

Catherine Hoch Caroline Hoelscher Laurel Hoffman 

Stacey Hoksbergen Lauren Holmer 

Sara Hook 

Amiee Horton Caleb Howard 

Sam Hogan 

Kyrie Howard 


Sienna Howard Rebecca Huizinga Austin Humbles 

Laura Hutton 

Shane Ihme 

Toyosi Ilupeju 

Sarah Inaraham 

David Inouye Annie Jacobson Kathryn Jarrett Ross Jelgerhuis Skyler Jenkins 

Josh Jeremiah 

Justin Johns 

Alyssa Johnson Caroline Johnson Josh Johnson 

Kyle Johnson 

Kyria Johnson Jeremy Johnston Lauren Johnston 

Gareth Jones 

Lydia Jones 

Hannah Joseph 

Maaika Joyce 

John Kadiya Matt Katzenberger Daniel Kelley 

Jj Kelley 

Sarah Kelley 

Sarah Kelley 

Stephen Kelley 

Michael Kendal 

David Kennedy 

Hope Kieft 

Dabney Kinser 

Evan Kline 

Katie Klukow Kathryn Konieczny Elizabeth Krutz James Krystaponis 

Emily Kulp 

Reina Laaman 

Taryn Lamp 

Leah Lapointe 

Josh Larkins 

David Larsen 

Eric Larson 

Maria Larson 

Cantley Lasala 

Kara Lea 

Owen Leber 

Andrew Lee 

Sarah Leitch 

Ethan Lesondak Laurel Lesondak Courtney Lester Josiah Lewis 

Mario Lewis Elizabeth Lindsay 

Jonlyn Linville Aubrey Little Ben Loderhose Erika Loftsgard 

Amy Long 

Caleb Lone 

Grace Lowrie 

Luisa Lowry Amanda Luhrsen Brittany Luther William Lutz 

Teshia Lvnn 

Laura Main 

Molly Mallory 

Christian Man Katie Jo Markovich Amy Marshall Elsie Marshall 

Liz Martin 

Matthew Martin 

Dani Mascow Caleb Masquelier Valerie Massee Charity Masters 

Elizabeth Maye Katie McArthur Shea McBee Christy McClung Maddie McComas Jonathan McConnell 

Katie McCoy Tommy McElrath Zach McElrath Tara McFadden Joanna McGi 

Jared McKe 

Annette McKerihan Hope McKinney Donna McRay Robin Meadowcroft Jarrod Meeks 

Sarah Mehler 

Jared Menard Emily Metzger Melinda Meyer Rachel Miedema 

Alex Miller 

Helen Miller 

Elizabeth Milton Hannah Mindeman Bethany Mollenkof Leeann Moody Emma Kate Mooney Lee Moore 

McHeyne Moore Michelle Moore Stephen Moore Zach Moore Alexandria Morgan AH Morgan 


w J 

1 ri F>^ 

1 1 


l s^~ 

{ ""' TMl — — 



1 QJwte/ j 


Seth Morgan Mary Beth Morse Chelsea Moser Luke Mosher Kelsey Mucci Anne Muether 

Anne Musick 

Andrew Musser 

Julia Myers 

Katie Myers 

Kristin Najar Heather Nation 

Alana Nelson 

Anna Nelson 

Brenda Nelson 

Chris Nelson Timothy Newbrander Rebecca Newman 

David Nielson 

Chris Niemuth 

Danielle Nimmer Rebekah Noble 

Brigitta Nortker 

Ellie Novenson 

Chris Nystrom Thomas Oban 

Calhe Oldham 

Rachael Olivier 

Karin Olson 

Megan Owens 

Sarah Owens Julianna Padilla Jennifer Paffenroth Janelle Palm 

Hoi Yuk Pang 

James Pate 

Asher Payne Bethany Pelts Jonathan Pelts Michael Pepper Olivia Perry Evelyn Petcher 


._._._ .. . _....,. i ; 1 1 ii i — ™— — 



W( - 

ift I 

/*■ <pB 

' I l/l 




Abigail Pettit 

Josiah Pettit Brian Philbrook Anna Phillips Lindsay Phillips Eleanor Philmon 

Daniel Pick 

Joel Piedt Matthew Pillsbury Lemima Ploscariu Brett Plunkett Jen Politano 

Lydia Post 

Liz Potoshnick Lindsey Potter 

Trevor Potts 

Ian Pratt 

Callie Pribyl 

Heather Price Dorothy Quan Ford Quarterman Ryland Rainsford Brianna Rapp Carrissa Rayburn 

Cassandra Rayburn Amy Reed Mary Kate Reed Jenny Reichmann Garrett Reid Laura Reisinger 

Katie Rhodes 

Justin Richards Sarah Richard 

Brent Ripple 

James Roberts Sarah Robinson 

William Robinson John Rogers 

Dan Rooy 

Jamila Russell 

Jessica Salas Kerry Sanders 

Thomas Sanders Ryan Sandidge Kate Sarafolean Carlo Saulzallido Liz Saurino Adrienne Saxon 

Scott Schindler Rebekah Edith Schmidt Chelsey Schortmann Nicole Schutter Laura Schutz 

Eric Scott 

Oleg Shadrin Aaron Shaffer Hannah Shaffer Lauren Shaffer Renee Sherbondy Wes Simmonds 

Anna Simonton Elizabeth Simpson Aaron Skrivan Kaiser Slevel 

Isaiah Smallman 

Jessi Smith 

Karis Smith 

Kathleen Smith 

Brandon Snipes 

Megan Sol 

Chris Sousou 



1^. *1 

■ "^ md 

^V '** 4f3t ■ 

1^ f^l 

^^^ \^^^^ 



Isaac Speicher David Spencer 

Brian Stair 

Amy Steele Savannah Steele Arrika Steinberg 

Meagan Stephens Chris Stern Sarah Stewart Mary Elizabeth Stiegler Annika Stolhandske Kimberly Stoltzfus 

Emily Stotler John Strickland Collin Strow 

Caleb Sutton 

Aaron Swanson 

Caroline Tait 

Emily Taylor Jonathan Taylor Kathleen Teague Zach Terrell Brittany Thomas Lacy Thompson 

Mallory Thompson McRae Thomson Christopher Thornton Nick Thornton Hannah Tilley Trevor Tomas 

iif iB 

W-* ^m 

I g x 1 

w® w !■ 

■r^T^P •*■ 




Matthew Trexler Katie Troxel Lauren Turner Michael Turner Kristyn Tutt Mary Ann T witty 

Becky Valkenburg Manola Valverde Joshua Van Dyke Rachel Van Stelle Timothy Van Vliet Ben Vanderhart 

Jonathan Vanderhart Bethany Vannette Susannah Verner Rachel Vervi 

Lianne Visser 

Mesan Voebel 

Audrey Waldecker Kristen Walker 

Lilli Walker 

Becky Wammack Mark Watanababy Heather Waugh 

■HA / '***' flB 

U^K / f. 1 


■k '■■■ 

■Rf "j^ji? <%\ ^^1 

1 ^^^ *< * _^H 

■5- V'«?1 

1 1* ^k 

Michael Webb 

Jeremy Weber Lydia Weichbrodt Danika Weisheit 

Jenae Welch 

Nils Wessel 

Lauren Westerman Jessica Weston 

Alex Whitaker 

Rob Whitaker Michelle Whitbeck Caleb White 

David White Brooke Wilbank Colby Wilkins Dave Wilkinson Kendall William Chris Williams 

Collette Williams 

Sara Wilson 

Lisa Wiltjer Emily Wintenburg 

Rachel Wintenburg Carrie Wise Melissa Wise Caroline Witmer Latoya Wofford 

Danica Wolfe William Wolfe Victoria Woodford Joleigh Woods Ryan Yackel 

Peter Yagel 

Tim Yagel 

Win Yellen 

Will Young 

Heidi Zeller 

Caitlin Zerressen 


As each has received a gift, use it to 
serve one another, as good stewards 
of God's varied grace: whoever 
speaks, as one who speaks oracles of 
God; whoever serves, as one who 
serves by the strength that God 
supplies— in order that in everything 
God may be glorified through Jesus 
Christ. To him belong glory and 
dominion forever and ever. 


Go therefore and make 

disciples of all nations, 

baptizing them in the name of 

the Father and of the Son and 

of the Holy Spirit, teaching 

them to observe all that I have 

commanded you. And behold, I 

am with you always, to the 

end of the age. 

The Tartan staff would like to thank everyone who 
helped make this year's Tartan possible. Special thanks 
to: Yvonne Terney, Brad Voyles, the publications 
committee, and the Student Senate for all their support. 
I would like to personally thank my entire staff for all the 
work they did as well as everyone who contributed 
photos or written material. It is my hope that this year's 
Tartan reminds you all of the great memories and 
lessons that were learned this year. All scripture is from 
the English Standard Version (ESV). If by some fault of 
ours you were not included in this book, I sincerely 

I hope you have enjoyed the 2007-2008 Tartan. 
God bless. 

C.J. Thornton 








3n& ■■ 


^* - »- . 



? 'A 



Tartan 2007-2008 

by C.J. Thornton, Mary Katherine Biggs, Kimberly Stoltzfus, Tiffany Alexander, and Max Belz